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Launch world's first commercial solar car -- Clenergy Team Arrow Bridgestone World Solar Challenge

Launch world

Introducing Arrow STF -- the racing world’s first commercial solar car

After its capabilities were showcased on the testing track at Clenergy TeamArrow’s innovation, design and manufacturing hub in Brisbane, Arrow STF, the ‘racing version’ of the world’s first commercial, road-registered, custom Australian solar car, was launched today by Queensland Minister for Innovation Leeanne Enoch.
Minister Enoch took the luxe, two-seater solar sports coupe for a spin before the car arrives in Darwin to compete in the Cruiser Class of the 2017 Bridgestone World Solar Challenge on 8 October.
“Clenergy TeamArrow is one of the most successful Australian solar racing teams competing in the Bridgestone World Solar Challenge. I’m excited that this team from Brisbane has delivered a solar car that handles well, meets Australian design rules, and can travel 1,000 kilometres before needing to recharge,” Ms Enoch said.
“The Palaszczuk Government is a strong advocate for innovation, renewable energy, and a cleaner, greener energy future. This will be driven by electric vehicles such as the Arrow STF, and guided by developments like the Queensland Electric
Super Highway, which is the world’s longest stretch of road in a single state featuring fast-charging electric vehicle stations. “I would also like to take this opportunity to acknowledge Economic Development Queensland, who gave the home team a flying start by providing long-term access to their Northshore Hamilton site and workshop facilities.”
Ms Enoch unveiled the new sleek, hi-tech and aerodynamic solar vehicle – which has a top speed of 150 kilometres per hour – alongside Clenergy TeamArrow’s Cameron Tuesley.
Mr Tuesley said the Arrow STF custom-built energy management system includes an Australian first – a long range (4.5 sqm), highly efficient, solar array, locally manufactured by TeamArrow, that generates 1.1 Kilowatts total power and is encapsulated under super string Gorilla glass giving a unique combination of glass and highest efficiency cells (almost 25%).
“Capable of self-charging from sunlight and from the grid, it has a high-tech, pared back, race configured cockpit, for light weight, long range events like BWSC. It will then be customised for individual buyers – with all the features you would expect in a luxury sports car such as air-con and infotainment, Mr Tuesley said.
“Arrow STF is smart, beautiful, fast, practical – all locally designed and built using a combination of custom and ‘off the shelf’ components – SE Queensland companies and pure distilled TeamArrow spirit!
“I can’t think of a better platform, than the Bridgestone World Solar Challenge, to launch our world-first, commercial solar car. We already have interested buyers and will be taking custom orders from the event with our road registration on track for later in the year.” Mr Tuesley said.
Bridgestone World Solar Challenge Event Director, Chris Selwood, congratulated Clenergy TeamArrow on its achievement of bringing the green to the mainstream.
“By introducing the Cruiser Class for the first time in 2013, we asked competitors to deliver technology that can be applied to real cars, in real conditions – we’re here now and that’s incredible,” Mr Selwood said.
Media background
2017 Bridgestone World Solar Challenge (8-15 October)
Celebrating 30 years this year, the world’s biggest solar challenge began in 1987 and is a 3,000-kilometre endurance adventure that occurs once every two years. The BWSC has become the world’s foremost innovation challenge with teams from around the world vying to become the first to deliver sustainable solar powered electric vehicles. Teams are striving to make the Darwin start line on Sunday 8 October, in their bid to deliver the world’s most efficient solar electric car. Three classes of vehicle, Challenger, Cruiser and Adventure, will take on the Aussie outback in a contest of endurance, strategy and innovation. The elite Challenger Class is conducted in a single stage from Darwin to Adelaide and 2017 will see the third running of the Cruiser Class, created to encourage the green to the mainstream by designing practical electric vehicles where success is judged on a range of design and performance measures. Cruiser Class solar car category is unique to Bridgestone World Solar Challenge - it is the race within the race. The stage is set for a total eclipse of past events and achievements. For event details go to:
Clenergy TeamArrow
Australia’s premier solar racing team of Brisbane based entrepreneurs who have a long history of competing in Australia’s World Solar Challenge. They are a mix of entrepreneur, industry, past competitors and students. The highest ranked Australian finisher in the last Bridgestone World Solar Challenge they also won the mechanical design award in the Abu Dhabi Solar Challenge. Clenergy TeamArrow aims to be the first Australian company to manufacture and sell electric solar electric vehicles and is working with the Bridgestone World Solar Challenge to showcase Australian innovation, science and renewable energy technology to the world. Their paired back, Arrow STF is the race version of their new vehicle - they are now taking custom orders. For team details go to:
Arrow STF Racing Specifications:
• Two-door high tech sports coupe, fastback
• Full carbon fibre body – super rigid monocoque cockpit, dual side impact protection in doors
• Dual, super long-range battery packs, 15 Kw total
• Dual, super long- range, high efficiency, ‘in-hub’ electric motors
• Custom built energy management system – long range efficient solar array and electrical system
• Custom built vehicle software system – ArrowPoint race strategy software system
Commercial Specifications:
• Choice of vehicle configurations, balancing range, practicality and owner purpose
• Choice of interior fitout and equipment levels, for either lightweight excitement or super deluxe desirability
• Each STF will be unique to the owner; no two will be the same
Media Enquiries:
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M +61 409 188 129 E